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Hurricane Lee is on the horizon of the East Coast, and threatening to touch down with heavy rain, up to 100 mm in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on Saturday. The wind gusts are going to be reaching up to 110km/h. Environment Canada is talking of the possibility of coastal flooding as well as power outages. As the storm moves through, it will weaken as it heads to Newfoundland, where they will receive considerable amount of rain.

We thank you for your patience as we manage our way around the storm. The possibilities of delays are eminent, but we will keep you posted on any updates as they arise.

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CCT proudly remains a wholly owned Canadian company that has built its reputation on Honesty, Integrity and Trust since our inception in 1994.

Unique to CCTCANADA is our ability to provide both Expedited Road and Premium Rail alternatives for your freight from Ontario and Quebec to Western Canada.

CCTCANADA can meet your needs with team drivers and our exclusive “first on first off” retail freight system for your intermodal containers. You can enjoy the benefits of two distinct services from one supplier.

CCTCANADA is committed to high standards of reliability, quality and continuous improvement to meet our customer's needs. When you tender your product to CCTCANADA, it will be handled in the utmost professional and efficient manner.